Working With Businesses

Working with Businesses

We believe that through working together with business we can achieve better outcomes for those with most need, address issues of social isolation and increase visibility of resident community. The Fitzrovia Centre seeks to bridge the gap between community, individuals and business. Our challenge, against a background of competing priorities and steadily declining resources, is to establish a business model that will ensure the long-term sustainability of this important facility in the years to come.  

In an area where the ‘’Fitzrovia experience’’ differs between cultures, nationalities, from residents to workers, between businesses and community groups, our research shows a growing disconnect between business and people at a local level.  

Through bringing business, different groups and communities together and developing services at a neighbourhood level we can helps shape local identity and increase a ‘sense of belonging’ for everyone.

Community investment is about finding solutions that benefit both society and businesses. The Fitzrovia Centre rely on local corporate support to provide much needed services to the community.