What Businesses Can Do To Help

What business can do to help:


“Even in areas that are recognised as wealthy, there are families or individuals who have fallen behind, policymakers must understand how hard it is to escape from such circumstances. It is not inertia that keeps the unemployed immobile: it is simply that, without help, they are trapped.”     

                                                                                                     John Major Hinton Lecture November 2015


By collaborating locally we can assist business in leveraging their assets to create social changed. Through our shared social values we can build stronger networks and make a real difference to the day to day experience of local people.  As a business you can provide -

  • Pro Bono Support

We have a number of initiatives that we would like to develop and areas within the organisation we would like direct support with.  We are seeking to create a pool of supporters that we can draw on in the months ahead. We will need:

  • Social media, IT support and equipment  

Support in developing and updating our website, Marketing, Publicity, Promotion, PR, design and Social media  

  • Expertise

In Fundraising , Legal advice,  Finance, Governance , Business Planning , architectural design and construction.

  • Corporate Volunteering Days  

Many companies offer employees a few paid release days each year. In 2014 with the help of Derwent London, local construction companies Sir Robert McAlpine, Metro bank  and corporate sponsors we created a community garden in the heart of the west end.

  • Governance  

We are looking for competent trustees who share our social values to help drive the success of the centre. We are looking for individuals with strong leadership skills, understanding of community, a background in finance, property, legal profession, marketing and business planning. If you have time to spare, are passionate about the area and interested in joining our board as part of your social responsibility please get in touch.

  • Corporate Community Fundraising

Hold a corporate community fundraising event.

  • Room Hire  

We offer a selection of rooms for hire suitable for a variety of activities and events. Please make us your first choice if you need space in the area, we have a number of bright, modern and airy room that are available 7 days a week.