Prices & Payments

Prices and Payments

Prices for each room varies depending on its size and available facilities.  We have a pricing structure, which offers discounted rates to some organisations and local residents. For the lower rates, you may need to provide proof of your status.

Rooms can be booked for a minimum of 1 hour and in 30 minute increments thereafter. All bookings must be paid for prior to room use.

The below rates are valid from April 2020. Click through to BookingBug for current pricing.

 Resident's Rate
 Voluntary Rate
 Standard Rate
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 £42 per hour

 £50 per hour

 £62 per hour

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 £37 per hour

 £45 per hour

 £57 per hour

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 £16 per hour

 £21 per hour

 £26 per hour

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 £32 per hour

 £45 per hour

 £50 per hour

Not available


 £32 per hour

 £40 per hour

 £45 per hour

Not available


 £42 per hour

 £50 per hour

 £57 per hour

Not available

Resident's Rate: available to Fitzrovia Residents e.g birthday parties, & local individuals offering a service to the Local community.
Voluntary Rate: applies to social enterprises, voluntary organisations, community groups, and charities with an income under £500,000.

Standard Rate: for charities with an income over £500,000 and the Private Sector & Statutory Sector.

Additional Items

Flipchart stand

  • It is supplied with paper and pens and can also be used as a whiteboard.

  • £5 for one hour, £8 for two hours, and £12 for more than two hours.

Screen and projector

  • A portable and freestanding screen and projector (please note: you will require your own laptop).

  • £12 for one hour, £18 for two hours, and £36 for more than 2 hours.


  • Available when booking Equiano. A full working kitchen, with refrigerator, kettle, microwave, and oven.

  • £15 for a booking less than 3 hours and £30 for a booking longer than 3 hours.


  • Available only when hiring Owen for two hours or more. No activities are to be held in the garden.

  • £10 per hour.


  • Available for use when hiring Equiano. Must be pre-arranged.

  • £5 per hour.

Storage Space

  • It is possible for small items to be stored at the Centre for a monthly charge. Please email for further information

Download our venue hire leaflet 

Fitzrovia Centre Room Hire Rates is to be read in conjunction with ‘Terms and Conditions of Hire 2019’ and subsequent revisions.
All payments are due in advance of the session. An administration charge will be incurred if there is a delay in payment.
All rooms must be left in the condition found. All furniture, fixtures & equipment must be returned to their original place of storage. All rubbish must be bagged in black bin bags.

Payment Method

Please note, we only accept Pounds Sterling (£) for bookings. Payments should be made prior to the booking date. Please pay by credit/debit card via the PayPal link in the booking confirmation email or alternatively via BACS once invoice is received.



Large & Long-Term Bookings

Please contact us if you have a large booking or want to make multiple bookings. Also, if you have an enquiry about taking a licence on a room for an extended period, email