Our vision is to enhance the character of Fitzrovia and inspire the integration of a fully inclusive community.



To improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the area of Fitzrovia



To provide a range of health, educational, cultural, recreational and social opportunities which

strengthen social links and break down barriers within and between communities.


Core values:

- We respect all people and all communities

- We invest in our employees and volunteers

- We aim to be transparent and open in all that we do.


Guiding Principles (beliefs):

- We prioritise support for those in greatest need

- We seek to encourage mutualism, self-reliance and cooperation

- We seek to involve centre-users, staff and other stakeholders in the design and

development of our services.



- To be an independent, robust and sustainable organisation

- To be an organisation that understands and articulates the needs of the local area

- To be able to adapt and explore the feasibility of different models of delivery and the

changing strategic environment.


Outcomes and Impact Measures:

- Extent to which FC  deemed an organisation that has ambitions for the wider


- Extent to which FC has enabled the communities to realise and fulfill their potential

- Extent to which community cohesion is achieved


Activities and Services:

- Children and Family Services

- Older People services

- Fitness and health provision

- Education and learning

- Social welfare/advice services

- Arts, Culture, and Heritage


Core function of the Fitzrovia Centre as a community is to:
  • Influence

(Consultation, representation, community voice, promote the needs of the area)

  • Engage

(Networking, collaboration, brokering of services)

  • Develop

(Direct service provision, facilities hire, information, communication)