ESOL stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages. It is aimed at non-native English speakers, looking to develop their language skills. To put your name on the waiting list please contact FC Telephone number


Why do I need ESOL?

ESOL can help improve your employability, through reassuring prospective employers that you have the English skills they require. It can enhance social skills and confidence.  If you are applying for UK Citizenship, your English will be assessed. If it’s below Entry Level 3, you’ll need to pass ESOL.

Our sessions are held in small groups and designed to be practical. We aim to teach So teach you every day English, including punctuation and grammar.

Improving your English will help you in other ways, for example:

  • Gaining professional qualifications

  • Talking to English speakers and socialising

  • Helping your children with their school work

  • Continuing your own education and development


  • Chinese Drop In

FREE. Suitable for children aged 0-5 and their Carers.  Chinese playgroup (mandarin & cantonese). Learn Chinese through song, stories and play.  Tuesday morning term time only.


  • Slovak Weekend School

Based on the supplementary school model, the School offers opportunity for anyone who has any bonds with Slovakia or would like to establish some, to get together and study Slovak culture and language in a strong community centred and friendly environment.

English Language classes for Adults in Development.


  • Bienvenue a Club Petit Pierrot

London’s leading French club for babies and children. Unique devised emersion programme will give your child a fantastic head-start, and launch them on a wonderful journey to bilingualism. Suitable for babies and children. CAA Gold Accredited Member


  • Volunteering

Enhance your employability skills through volunteering in a workplace setting. We have a range of opportunities for those seeking to return to work, or who simply wish to give something back to the community. Do you have time or skills to share? We have a range of opportunities for those with time to spare who are seeking to connect with other, and give something back to the community.


  • British Museum

FREE. We regularly provide community tickets to local people wishing to attend British Museum events and exhibitions.