Arts, Heritage, & Culture

Arts, Heritage, & Culture


“We believe that arts, culture, and local heritage is important to the whole community.”

Not everyone takes part in arts activities, or understands the intrinsic value that art can have in their lives. In an area where the ‘’Fitzrovia experience’’ differs between cultures, nationalities, from residents to workers, between businesses and community groups, our arts, heritage, and culture programme is committed to the practice of community art. Our aim is to host a programme of activities that embed arts; culture, and heritage locally and promote the wider social and economic benefit of community arts within Fitzrovia.


What is community art?

Community arts, also sometimes known as "dialogical art", "community-engaged" or "community-based art," refers to artistic activity based in a community setting. Works from this genre can be of any media and is characterized by interaction or dialogue with the community.

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Our community art programme is committed to providing a platform for emerging artists, improving access to all art forms and addressing social needs through community participation and engagement.