Crisp has a hatch to a shared kitchen and is popularly used for meetings and wellbeing classes.

  • Approximately 10m x 5m, Crisp seats 20 in a theatre-style layout or 10, boardroom-style, around a table.
  • It’s a light and airy space on the lower ground, with air-conditioning and access to our courtyard.
  • Due to the proximity to the courtyard, quiet activities are well suited to this space.


All of our rooms are named after notable characters in Fitzrovia's history. We are proud of our local heritage.

Quentin Crisp (1908 –1999) was an English writer and raconteur.

His flamboyant style and outspokenness made him a popular celebrity in the 1960’s around Charlotte Street and his favourite pub, the Fitzroy Tavern.