Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read Terms and Conditions before making your booking.

In these terms and conditions: ‘The Premises’ or ‘Centre’ means Fitzrovia Community Centre, 2 Foley Street W1W 6DL or any part thereof. The ‘Principal’, ‘We’ or ‘FCC’ means the organisation of Fitzrovia Community Centre. ‘Hirer’ means any person, persons or group named on the Booking Form and/or Terms and Conditions who have hired or booked the facilities at FCC. The ‘Hirer’ will not enter into this contract on behalf of a third party.


The Hirer undertakes to comply with these Terms and Conditions and any statutory provisions governing the use of the premises.


Bookings should be made via our Online Bookings System or by contacting the Fitzrovia Community Centre by telephone 020 7580 8680, in person, or by email to info@fitzroviacentre.org. We may agree to make a temporary, provisional booking to hold the slot. Confirmation of booking is on receipt of payment and receipt of all booking details.


Payment is due before any booking activity takes place. Invoices will be sent prior to the booking. Unpaid bookings may be cancelled by the Centre without notice. Payment can be made online via Debit or Credit Card or by BACS or cheque by arrangement. Please make cheques payable to Fitzrovia Community Centre and put your booking reference details and name and address on the back.

3.     Pricing

FCC reserves the right to increase hire charges in line with our pricing policy, which is subject to annual review.

4.     Cancellation Fees

If you have to cancel a booking you should contact us as soon as possible.

The following cancellation fees are liable:        

Over 20 working days’ (4 weeks) notice:  No cancellation fee

5-20 working days’ (1-4 weeks) notice:  50% of the room fees will be forfeited

1-5 working days’ (1 week) notice:  Full room fees will be forfeited

5.     Sub-letting

Sub-letting or Under-letting is prohibited. Hirers must be present throughout all their bookings. Hirers must not delegate responsibility for being present at any booking to a third party without prior consent of FCC.

6.     Keeping Equipment Overnight

Permission to leave your property in-situ overnight is given at the discretion of the Facilities Manager. Anything left on the premises is at Hirer’s own risk.

7.     Booking Extents

You should only use the rooms agreed at the time of booking. Hirers are not permitted to make use of any other bookable space without prior permission. Please ensure that your booking time includes any set-up and tidying-up time.

8.     Numbers Attending

Attendees at the Booking must not exceed the maximum room capacity. The Hirer is required to provide information on attendees for monitoring purposes

9.     Courtyard Space

The Courtyard space is for quiet use only. You may only access the Courtyard if you have booked Rooms 1 or 4. You are responsible for making sure the door to the Courtyard is locked when your booking ends.

10.   Furniture and Fittings

The Hirer shall not, without the prior written consent of FCC, introduce additional furniture to the Premises. Temporary seating or table equipment must be dismantled and removed at the end of every session and any furniture moved should be returned to the original position at the end of the booking. Exits, fire exits or fire equipment must not be blocked.

11.   Storage Space

Hirers are not permitted to store any equipment or other effects without permission of FCC. Lockers are available to hire. Any items left at FCC are at the Hirer’s own risk. Locker keys can be obtained from the Facilities Manager for a fee of £10.00 per calendar month. Keys must be returned in person.

12.   Posters and Publicity

Any advertising you may be preparing for an event at the Premises must be approved ahead by FCC. The Hirer shall not put up any advertising in the street or buildings in the nearby vicinity without the prior consent of FCC.

The Hirer shall not fix or display any decoration, posters, boards or advertisements on the inside or outside of the Centre without prior consent of FCC.

13.   Damage to Centre

The use of nails, BLU TAC or any other adhesive is prohibited on any painted surfaces at the Fitzrovia Community Centre. White Tac or similar may be used with permission. You will be held responsible for any damage incurred as a result of fixing anything to the walls.

Any breakages/damage to the property of the Fitzrovia Community Centre must be paid for in full by the hirer.

14.   Food and Drink

No alcohol should be sold or consumed on the premises unless prior agreement is given by the Centre. Any licences required for the consumption or sale of alcohol on the Premises are the responsibility of the Hirer to arrange and a copy of the licence provided no later than 5 working days before the event.

External caterers must have Public Liability Insurance. No children are allowed into the kitchen alone under any circumstances.

The kitchen facilities are for making refreshments and warming up food. They are not for cooking. Use of kitchen facilities and kitchenware is with prior consent of FCC only. The use of toasters, sandwich makers and deep fat fryers on the premises is strictly prohibited.

15.   Security

Hirers are responsible for making sure the doors and windows to the space they are hiring are left locked (where appropriate) at the end of their sessions.

16.   Health and Safety

Hirers must read and abide by the Health and Safety Regulations in operation at the Fitzrovia Community Centre and make themselves and their group familiar with the fire and emergency procedures in operation, Fire Call points and Fire Exits.

17.   Accidents & Personal Injury

Fitzrovia Community Centre will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of goods, property or equipment or for personal injury (except in the case of negligence by the Centre) on the premises, howsoever caused. The Hirer shall indemnify Fitzrovia Community Centre and representative e.g. staff/representatives against any claims, which may be made in respect thereof.

Any accident must be reported to the Office as soon as possible after its occurrence and recorded in the Accident Book, which is available at reception.

18.   Risk Assessment

The hirer should carry out their own Risk Assessment of their activity. A template is available from reception.

19.   Insurance

Hirers should provide their own insurance where relevant. The Hirer may be required to provide evidence of Public Liability Insurance as appropriate.

20.   Fire

Fitzrovia Community Centre is entirely NO SMOKING. Smoking is prohibited on the premises and in the Courtyard. The use of candles or any other naked flame is prohibited without discussion and agreement of the Facilities Manager or their representative a minimum of 5 working days prior to the event.

Under no circumstances should any portable heaters or lamps be brought on to and used on the premises.

21.   Accessibility

At present, due to health and safety implications, people with restricted mobility may use the ground floor space but should not use the lower level.  All persons using the lower level need to be able to use the stairs as means of escape in the event of an emergency.  This is a temporary measure until further notice.

22.   Electrical equipment

No electrical apparatus may be brought on to the premises without the consent of FCC, who must be satisfied that the equipment has been checked for safety. Any electrical equipment brought in to the Centre must also have a valid PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) certificate dated within one year.  Any equipment without a valid certificate may not be used.

23.   Damage to Personal Property

FCC accepts no responsibility for damage to or loss of personal property while on the Premises.

24.   Music

Any live or recorded music on the Premises must be approved in advance by FCC. Hirers playing any recorded music as part of their activity or at any time on the Premises must hold a PPL licence.

25.   Noise

Any music or other noise must not constitute a nuisance to the surrounding area and/or other facility users. Where possible, we will try to arrange bookings to avoid noise disturbance. If we consider any noise above acceptable levels we will request it to be turned down or switched off. Our rooms are not sound-proofed and we treat anti-social behaviour and noise complaints seriously, so failure to comply with reasonable noise requests will result in confiscation of sound equipment and/or notification of police. Many of the residents of John Astor House are shift workers, so please be particularly considerate of the neighbours with regard to noise in the courtyard. Please notify the Facilities Manager if you are planning to play music/make noise or if you require a quiet space. We cannot guarantee any space to be quiet due to building works or other environmental factors outside our control.

26.   Housekeeping

Please leave the room clean and tidy. All items belonging to the Hirer or their group must be removed. Rubbish should be bagged-up and disposed of appropriately. Should food and drink be consumed, all washing-up must be done, the floor should be brushed and any spillages wiped to avoid pest infestation. Electrical appliances used should be unplugged. City of Westminster bin bags will be supplied and should be used for rubbish, which should be removed at the end of the event and put outside the building in the designated collections area.

27.   Safeguarding Children

If Hirer’s events are for children, or children are attending, the Hirer must ensure regulations for their safety are observed. Any persons involved with activities working directly with children will need to demonstrate valid CRB certificates. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure the Facilities Manager is aware of activities involving children. The Hirer must satisfy the Facilities Manager that children will be safeguarded while on the premises. Children must be supervised at all times while within the Centre. The appropriate ratio of responsible adults to children in the Centre is 1:8

28.   Emergency Repair or Maintenance/ Other emergencies

The Fitzrovia Community Centre reserves the right to, at any time, cancel room bookings without prior notice should any repair, structural or otherwise, be required.  Should this occur, the Hirer will be offered another room, when one is available, or an alternative date.  No other compensations will be paid.  We will always try where possible to plan for such works giving the customer adequate notice.

29.   Cancellation by FCC

We may cancel the booking for any reason with a month’s notice. We may cancel any booking at any point which has been made in a false name or for a third party, or for a purpose different from that detailed on the Booking Form. Any payments received will be refunded.

If your booking is cancelled by FCC for reasons other than detailed above, we will endeavour to accommodate your booking as well as we can to minimise disruption to your plans. When this is not possible we will offer an alternative date or time. If this is not possible we will consider a refund of your booking fee, but we cannot be liable for any other costs incurred as a result of your lost booking including refreshments purchased, other equipment or services hired or any other peripheral costs or damages.

We reserve the right to refuse any booking application without the need to specify reasons. We reserve the right to impose special conditions to any bookings as necessary. We reserve the right to cancel any booking without compensation if there is any breach of the Terms and Conditions.